Overview is a subsidiary of Fónua Limited. was founded in 2003 and is Ireland’s leading hands-free carkit installation service provider. For over ten years we’ve helped drivers, businesses and government organisations enhance their driving experience, increase their road safety, manage their fleets and save money through our innovative solutions. We offer a first class seamless end to end service to our customer. We provide a nationwide carkit service working with market leaders in the carkit industry to bring our customer cutting edge solutions in convenient everyday designs.

Our Installers

Our nationwide qualified fitters are fully certified offering you peace of mind that you can trust your carkit will be installed professionally wherever you are.

Benefits of Car kits

Mobile Phone usage has gradually grown over the years, while the ability to talk anywhere at any time opens the lines of communication, the use of mobile phones while driving can have a negative impact on the number of car accidents and car accident-related fatalities each year. Using a mobile phone while driving means you're not concentrating on driving, ultimately that means you're putting your life and the lives of others in danger. Drivers who use hand-held devices while driving are four times more likely to cause collisions serious enough to injure themselves or others. Not only is it dangerous to use your mobile phone whilst driving, but it's a serious offence. By making the decision to install a carkit today you have wisely chosen to remove the distraction related to using a handheld device in a car.

Benefits of Carkits products are:
  • Seamless hands-free use
  • Comfort and safety while driving
  • Can be installed in any vehicle
  • Quality audio
  • No wire, no headset
  • Connected to the vehicle's power
  • Keeps you legal
  • Avoids penalty points
  • Avoids fines
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